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Some of the most common nuisance wildlife in the area are raccoons, skunks, squirrels and groundhogs. The situation with wildlife can range from a groundhog digging a hole in your garden, to a raccoon living in your attic.


Raccoons are nocturnal creatures that can cause problems for homeowners by raiding their trash at night, ripping apart landscaping and lawn furniture or tearing a hole in their attic and using it as a nursery. Keeping garbage cans tightly sealed, making sure attic vents are properly screened and securing sheds and other structures on the property can help keep raccoons from becoming a problem. Never approach any wildlife, especially raccoons. An adult raccoon in a threatened situation can cause great harm to people and domestic animals. Raccoons can carry rabies.


Skunks are also nocturnal creatures. They will burrow underground or take up residence under a deck or porch. A healthy skunk is generally not an aggressive creature, but they will spray a noxious odor if they are threatened. Skunks can carry rabies and like all wildlife, should not be approached or harassed.


Squirrels will use trees close to a structure to reach the roof. Once there, they can gnaw a hole in an eave or tear a hole in an attic vent for access to an attic. Often a homeowner will hear loud noises coming from the attic during the day. Squirrels can do a great amount of damage by living in the attic.  The most serious being chewing on wires creating a fire hazard. To help prevent squirrels from entering a home, all trees should be cut away from the roof line.


Groundhogs can often be seen during daylight hours digging in gardens and on lawns. They are strict vegetarians and need a great deal of leaves and plants to survive. They will dig burrows on the edge of fields or lawns, giving them easy access to food. They may also take up residence under a porch or deck.  Groundhogs can damage your gardens (both ornamental and vegetable) as well as sprinkler systems and we have even seen them climb tires gaining access to your vehicle causing damage to the engine.


All wildlife has the potential to be a nuisance or dangerous. It is best to never approach a wild animal, especially if it looks sick or injured. Besides rabies, wildlife can carry any number of diseases or parasites that can do great harm to humans.  At NPWC we will always humanely solve a wildlife problem in a way that best serves the customer and the animal.

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