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Lawn and Garden






Treat outdoor living space, lawns, gardens, perimeter of yard.  Early season and late fall tick treatment.  Grub eradication. 


A well maintained landscape that includes healthy trees enhances the quality of your home. We use the Wedgle Direct-Inject treatment system which is the only trunk injection system on the market that does not require drilling. It uses a small injection tip to place chemical under the bark into the cambial zone where the tree can then take up the chemicals systemically. This approach also eliminates the need to spray chemicals in your yard which forces you to cover all toys, pools, furniture, and vehicles as well as neighbor notification laws (depending on the area in which you live).  Weather is never a factor since the chemical is directly injected and rain will not wash away the treatment.  Control of insects can be achieved in as little as 3 to 5 days.

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