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A) Attics


The most important preventative measure for keeping pests and wildlife out of your attic is to inspect and repair faulty attic screens and vents. Many times attic screens are installed to keep insects out, but are easily torn by squirrels and raccoons. We can inspect and, if necessary, replace old and worn out screens. If a problem does occur, we offer safe and humane animal removal. Bats can enter attics through small spaces under siding, torn screens or gaps between the chimney and siding. Our exclusion method assures that bats will not be harmed and all openings will be sealed when the colony has been removed.


B) Food storage/living space


Even the cleanest and most well-kept home will occasionally get pests. Whether its ants in the kitchen or the occasional mouse, NPWC will evaluate and treat the problem with minimal inconvenience to you and your family. In recent years, there has been a rise in bed bug infestations. As more people travel, especially internationally, bed bugs will continue to be a problem. We understand the emotional toll this particular pest creates. A comprehensive inspection, followed by a thorough eradication process and follow-up will ensure your problem is handled effectively as well as discretely.


C) Basement


Whether your basement is finished, unfinished, or a dirt crawl space, NPWC will access the space and implement a pest control plan that includes insect control and rodent eradication. Typically this is where most moisture problems occur in a structure. Leaky pipes, poor drainage and inefficient gutters and downspouts all lead to wet basements and pest problems. Many times, a simple solution is all that is needed to fix a moisture problem in a basement. The basement is also where termites may appear for the first time, especially in an unfinished space. Our pest control program includes inspection and recommendations on preventive maintenance to stop problems before they start.


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