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Stink Bugs

The brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha Halys) is an invasive species from Eastern Asia and is commonly found in China, Japan and Korea. Arriving sometime in the late 90’s, they spread north and west from the Carolinas. They feed and reproduce on fruit trees, shade trees and ornamentals.


In the fall, they can begin to seek shelter for the winter, often invading homes. Finding gaps in the siding, around windows and under eves, they will spend the remainder of the winter season in a semi-dormant state. They may immerge on a warm winter’s day but do not pose any harm to people or structures. In the spring, they will travel outdoors to live, eat and reproduce.


Contrary to internet rumors, killing one does not attract more. They best way to get rid of them in the winter is with a vacuum.


To prevent infestation from occurring in the fall, it is necessary to seal around doors and windows, check for and repair torn screens and fix loose siding. We can treat the exterior of a building along with trees and ornamentals close to the home in the late summer/early fall.

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