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Bed Bugs

Generally speaking, bed bugs are nocturnal insects, feeding off a host and nesting close to the food source. Besides beds, they can also be found in furniture, floorboards, electronic equipment and just about anything in a home.


There are many ways to come in contact with bed bugs. Some of the most common ways are hotel rooms, spending time in an apartment or home with an infestation or someone entering your home with the bed bugs on their clothing.


People first learn they have bed bugs after developing welts from their bites. A doctor may be able to determine if the bites are from bed bugs. NPWC can perform a free thorough inspection of your home to confirm the infestation.


Eradicating bed bugs may require an extensive pesticide treatment of mattresses, carpeting and all furniture to completely rid a home or apartment of bed bugs.  We also provide a thermal remediation treatment which is a non-toxic and less labor intensive method for the homeowner (i.e. furniture, clothing and mattresses do not need to be removed from the home).



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